Where does Christmas come from?

We give each other presents around 25th of December, many put a Christmas tree in their house and we sing songs about angels, shepherds and a child in a manger.

Besides all the fun and the great atmosphere in the month of December, Christmas is all about a Jewish boy who was born in the Middle East at the beginning of our era. In the town of Bethlehem, this boy was born as the son of Joseph and Mary, a young couple.

Is Jesus born with Christmas? Or is there Christmas because of Jesus?🤔

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Christmas with

Every story deserves to be retold

Especially the Christmas story. On this page, you can find all the different ways we try to retell the ancient story of a newborn King. You find links to articles with information and inspiration, but also a new way to connect with the story by chatting with Joseph and Mary (this is a special project for teenagers, but fun and informative for everyone), video's from our Sand Artist, and much more.


Experience the story of Christmas in a unique way: be connected with one of the main characters of the Christmas story. Every day you'll connect with Mary or Joseph and you can communicate with them. How is Joseph dealing with the situation when he finds out that his fiancé is pregnant, but not from him? Or how is Mary preparing for the delivery of her very special son? More info on »

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The Bible is telling at least three times the Christmas story. In the gospels of Mathew, Mark, and Luke you find stories. Somethings are the same, some elements are only in one of the versions. The Christmas story is seen as a story of hope. And something surprisingly… ordinary. Good News for the world because a child is born? Well, yes. That’s the story where hope is found. This is the story drawn to life... in sand!


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Christmas is a beautiful time, filled with lights, music, and family. As the classic song goes, it’s “the most wonderful time of year,” right? Many of us would agree! But sometimes… Christmas can bring up real hardships and heartaches. As everyone else seems to be rejoicing, we may be grappling with deep doubts and soul questions demanding resolution.

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During the holiday season, we’re always bombarded by advertisements, sales, and commercial offers of all kinds. There’s this expectation that Christmas be big, majestic, celebrated as it “should” be… And gifts are part of the celebration for sure.

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In general, we give or receive gifts mostly on special occasions. For example, we usually don’t give gifts on Independence Day, Saint Patrick’s Day, or Thanksgiving… but on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and birthdays, yes! Do you know what I think?

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There are several reading plans for the YouVersion Bible App, especially for the Advent and Christmas season. So you can dive deeper into the Word of God.